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Suzi Roher Spring Summer 2015 Parts Of Paris

The Suzi Roher Spring 2015 Scarf collection is inspired by the artifacts and experiences collected on a recent travel to Paris…

Why Paris… The city is so many things -above all a series of contradictions working together to create something thought-provoking and extraordinary.  “Antique”, “modern”, “gritty”, “glamorous”- these are all words that can accurately describe the city of lights.  Whether it be the grand gardens, or the elegant edifices abound; the street art, or the sheer enormity of the Eiffel tower… as they say, “there is nothing like Paris in the Springtime”.

Speaking to this wild juxtaposition, Spring 2015 brings about "Flashback". Full of hue and high-energy, "Flashback" is a photograph torn and restored, generating a sensational skittish effect. It is the cutting, layering and morphing of these tattered pieces that engenders the distorted design. On offer for spring in Purple, Natural, Green and Blue, this eclectic and electric pattern screams "Summer Fun".

With the dawning of warmer days, appropriately arrives “Les Fleurs”. “The spring season is about revival, and the soothing quality of nature,” explains Suzi Roher. “The beauty of picked flowers and summer gardens … it is nothing less than rejuvenating!”
During one of our days out, we were lured into a charming antiquity shop.  This time by a curious five volume set of encyclopedia containing illustrations and descriptions … all of flowers.  Their contents were so vast, so graceful … and eventually we learned, incredibly old.  Upon inquiry we ascertained that the books were purchased by the current shop-keeper’s grandfather, and that the set had been sitting in the store for over 100 years.  We love the idea that something so old carries so much life and light!

Last but certainly not least, we introduce you to "Paris Guy". The brainchild of graffiti artist "Monsieur A", this stick figure characterized by an X in place of his eyes and a bright big smile, can be found in many bold and buried corners of the city. We stumbled upon this image on a wall outside the Cartier Foundation on Blvd Raspail. We were returning from viewing the showing of latin American artists. The city was expressing itself to us from every angle...and we soaked it in.

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